Institut für Ökologie und Aktions-Ethnologie


Mining study Currently, INFOE Switzerland is working on a book study on mining, transnational companies and local populations. The chapters of the book are written by students together with researchers familiar with circumstances in affected regions or countries. The book will contain case studies from Africa, Asia, Australia as well as Latin America. Main purpose is a comparative analysis of the strategies of involved actors to deal with the social and ecological impacts of mining activities. The role of multinational companies and the reactions of the local populations constitute the main focus of the research. (The book will have a similar structure like the INFOE study `Fossil Fuels, Oil Companies, and Indigenous Peoples’ published in 2007). Mining and the current international boom of the resource extraction sector is tightly connected to the Swiss economy: Companies like Glencore and Xstrata constantly violate human rights in extraction countries. Trading companies and Swiss banks exert influence in financing the growing business of resource extraction activities. So far, the consequences of mining are barely known in Switzerland because they mainly take place in countries of the global South while Switzerland only acts as trading hub. INFOE aims at documenting the disastrous consequences for local populations and the ecosystems they depend upon. Furthermore, the emergence of social conflicts in mining regions will be taken into consideration in the analysis. The book study will present academic research on the extraction of resources and the implications on local populations in the global South. It serves as a compilation of information to provide a solid base for debate and action. The study and related activities are carried out by the working group on mining (in german). More information and ongoing campaigns: Multiwatch Corporate Justice Switzerland