Institut für Ökologie und Aktions-Ethnologie


INFOE Switzerland supports a respectful interaction of mankind and nature. Based on the background of action anthropology, INFOE collaborates with indigenous communities and other local populations which are affected by the destruction of their natural and cultural environment. Main activities of INFOE include research, education, and lobbying. Natural resources are predominantly extracted on the territories of indigenous peoples and other marginalized populations of the global South without creating benefits for the affected people. Resources are often extracted and produced for consumption in the Northern hemisphere and leave destruction and contamination on the place of their origin. INFOE aims at informing about these implications because we think that the ecological crisis and the climate change became especially important due to the growing demands of the industrial countries. A profound transformation for a social equitable and ecological sustainable world is necessary for all of us.

INFOE is located at the intersection of academic research, education and civil society. Students and researchers of different academic fields, but especially from social sciences, as well as other interested persons collaborate in the activities of INFOE.
Our activities include
– Action research: Experts collaborate with students, interns or other interested people in elaborating action-oriented studies which are based on the requirements of the local populations.
– Education: In collaboration with teaching instructors from different levels we offer courses and help in finding experts. Furthermore, teaching material can be elaborated on the basis of existing material of INFOE.
– Public relations: We organize public events, lectures and film screenings and publish information material and research studies.
– Lobbying: INFOE engages in collaboration with other organization in campaigns to demand governments and companies to improve their control mechanisms and current practices.

INFOE functions as a contact place for ecologically and socially engaged education and research on all levels and for different disciplines. To achieve this goal, we maintain relationships with ‘action anthropologists’ which actively engage in working groups or contribute as advisors.

INFOE stands in close connection to indigenous people and other organizations as well as to academic institutions. We bring persons together who are interested in a specific topic or a specific region. This supports the creation of independent, transdiciplinary working groups.

Moreover, INFOE engages in knowledge transfer by organizing internships, research stays, volunteer work, information travels or conference participation.