Institut für Ökologie und Aktions-Ethnologie

About us

Infoe Switzerland supports a respectful interaction of mankind and nature. Based on the background of action anthropology, Infoe collaborates with indigenous communities and other local populations which are affected by the destruction of their natural and cultural environment.

Main activities of Infoe include research, education, and lobbying.

Infoe is located at the intersection of academic research, education and civil society. Students and researchers of different academic fields, but especially from social sciences, as well as other interested persons collaborate in the activities of Infoe.

Infoe enables a socially and ecologically sensitive education and research for all disciplines and on different levels. Thereby, a network with action anthropologists is maintained, who serve as advisors or participate directly in INFOE working groups.

Infoe is constantly enlarging its network with indigenous people and organizations as well as with university institutions.

Infoe brings together persons interested in a specific topic or region. The creation of independent and transdisciplinary working groups is facilitated.

Infoe engages in knowledge transfer by organizing internships, research stays, volunteer work, information travels or conference participation.